The 3 days annual cultural fest “UTKANSH", since its inception in 2006 has been identified as a convergence of cultures and a confluence of best talents from across the country by providing them a platform to express themselves in the form of music, dramatics, dancing, photography and more. Opening ceremony is the curtain raiser of the fest that takes place on the eve before the fest. The fine arts society (FAS) organises a three day long art exhibition. Aesthetically pleasing phtography exhibition is put together by Netra. Dance Club of NITJ provides a thrilling ride to the dance world through its various events like Shut up and dance,duet dance and Solo-dance face off . NITJ Music Club keeps mesmerizing the souls of audience through singing competitions like Swarag, Megasonic, etc. Bhangra club adds enjoyable punjabi flavour with events like street bhangra and folklore. Few other exciting events such as live sketching, photo treasure hunt are organized to gather maximum participation from the students. Prayaas foundation also put up their stalls which offer light and fun filled games. Food stalls are set up near the Central Lawn which offer mouth watering food. The DJ is set up in central lawn for the whole fest, making everyone enjoy themselves to the fullest. Event like Panache,which is a ravishing fashion show spreads glamour in the air. Kavi samelan provides a soothing experience and Stand-up Comedy by youth favourite comedians takes the audience into a ride of laughter and joy. Electrifying EDM Night with reknowned and sensational DJ artists around the world makes everyone dance to their tunes and makes it a memorable experience. Closing ceremony is held on the last day where the club heads and the coordinators of the fest are felicitated and for their hardwork,sencerity and dedication. After the closing ceremony,Star night marks a fitting end to this vibe. The three-day long extravaganza comes to an end leaving everyone nostalgic and waiting for the next fest.


TechNITi is techno managerial fest of NIT Jalandhar, that gives students a platform to carve out their technical minds. The potpourri of quirky and creativity stimulating events like Esthetique-The fashion show, Workshops , Business plan , Robowar, Badlaav -Be the change , Treasure Hunt , guest lectures by dignified and famous personalities, DJ-nite , Star nite provides a scintillating 96 hours of unadulterated edu-tainment with help of various societies of the institution and departments. Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships ! And all the successful management of event is done by Team Technical Affairs , a team of faculty and students bringing out their best in every space like event organization, event management, event publicity, marketing, decoration, creativity and others . From defining the purpose and format, creating feasible planning , drafting budget taking into consideration all the unforeseeable situations, allocating responsibilities to designing rockets , marketing online, finding the tendors, publicizing in students to publicising in masses , picking up the tables to organizing mega events , it is team technical technical affairs that make sure everything is done smoothly since the year 2006 and will be every counting year.

Dramatics Club

“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.” ― Oscar Wilde. NITJ Dramatics club has been thriving since its origin, for establishing the theatre culture in the purest form of art, within and beyond the premises of the institution. The empire of Dramatics club extends from the classical stage plays to the soul-striking street plays (nukkad natak), from heart-throbbing monoacts to nerve-tickling comedy acts, from silent mimes to sober recitations. Be it drama, dance, elocution and whatnot, this group of theatre enthusiasts has tried its level best to cover the realms, periphery and depths of an individual's persona and have been striving hard continually for the betterment of the theatre culture and for the growth of the art-forms.


TEAM AVISHKAR is an official ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Team of NIT Jalandhar, founded in 2011 under the Associate Prof. Dr. R.S. Bharj, Department of Mechanical Engineering with the thought of using theoretical knowledge in practical manner. Team Avishkar is a group of 25 student dedicated to design and fabricate an ATV from zero every year since 2011 to participate in various National and International events conducted by BAJA SAE. The performance of the team has increased exponentially being only team among all NITs and IITs to achieve this position and doing some innovations that are in process of patent. Year 2016 was markable for the team from where we started to make history. We won Hill Climb, Build Quality and Raftar Awards. Year 2017 was the memorable year for whole team. We were the champions of ENDURO STUDENTS INDIA and also won Lightest Weight, Sprint and Cost presentation awards and runner up award for acceleration event. In BAJA SAE INDIA, We were 2nd runner up overall with winning titles of Raftar and Suspension& Traction events. Also being runner ups in CAE, Acceleration and innovation events. This success increased the level to International event ,Baja Sae Illinois USA, considered one of the most toughest event in world. Being the First team from IITS and NITS to represent INDIA in USA and made the country proud. we were the 4th in Acceleration and ranked 37th overall. In BAJA SAE INDIA 2019 we made history by fabricating an ATV of 121kg, we were 4th in cost report event and we were in top 10 in CAE event.


Team Daksh, a team which designs and fabricates Electric and Solar Vehicle with an aim to bring continuous development in vehicle and to shift the paradigm of future mobility to sustainable renewable energy sources. However, this year, team is participating in “Electric Solar Vehicle Championship (ESVC)”, the National Solar Car Designing and Fabricating Competition, to be held in March 2020. ISIE-ESVC is Asia’s 1st and the biggest Electric-Solar Vehicle Design and Manufacturing Event for Engineering/ Diploma students , faculty, and professionals. Team Daksh is the Technical Team of our College (Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar) to excel in technical fields, strengthening the technical front of the college by innovating and taking part in several National and International events for engineering students.


Team Perianth Racing, the formula racing team of NIT Jalandhar established in 2010 works on fabricating a Student Formula Racing Car with innovative experimental ideas and implementing them on track. The team consists of 25 members under the aid and guidance of our respected faculty advisor Dr. Anish Sachdeva (Industrial and Production dept.) The car is tested and evaluated in a rigorous event SUPRA SAE INDIA by MARUTI SUZUKI, held at Buddha International Circuit, Greater Noida. Till now 6 cars have been fabricated with various achievements including the first achievement of making a car from scrap. The car was tagged as the 2nd best car of North india with a rank 1 among all NITs and IITs. The car has consecutively been the lightest car for two years, alongwith being the best designed and aesthetically appealing car with the overall rank 14 in India. The team is constantly evolving in the electronics sector which involves using a complex array of sensors giving critical engine and vehicle performance parameters to the drivers as well as the tuners. A part of this system can be seen on the dashboard which includes engine rpm, engine coolant temperature, battery voltage, gear indicator, fuel level and Camshaft lubrication oil pressure. The team is looking forward to making technical advancements in the sector of power delivery at the wheels alongwith integrating extreme driver safety measures. Developments are also being made in the sector of self manufactured braking systems. The team is also moving forward with semi automatic gear shifters which eliminate the need to move the hand away from the steering and provide quick gear shifts. Light weight is always seen as the ultimate goal of the process.

Fine Arts

Fine arts society is a group which glorifies art, and glorifies great artists. We believe that everyone has a human side to them, and that side, when encouraged, has the capability to produce something truly beautiful. Our work is visible everywhere, from the walls of the open air theatre, to the exhibitions during our cultural fests. We have extensively organised major events during our cultural and technical fests, and have been the force responsible for one of the main attractions,, the exhibition. Our events span all over the year, and all around the social media. We are huge in social media. Our online events attract people from all around the country, from all walks of life.

Dance Club

Being a dancer is an amazing way of life. It gets even better when you have the right people by your side to share the experience. "Your crew is your family" sounds cliched but there's a truth in it. The dance club brings up the dignity of two main events organised at nitj, the dancers here brush up their energies 2-3 months before the events to win everyone's heart with an exotic performance. We organise events such as "shut up and dance", a group dance competition, solo dance competition, face-offs etc on our cultural fiesta, UTKANSH. We also go to different colleges to showcase our talent. Firing up the energy and filling your body with enthusiasm, expressing this intoxicated side is what a dancer inhibits.

Music Club

Music is one of the most beautiful benefactions, the lord , the almighty has bestowed us with. Every human irrespective of the fact that he is a musician or not, is resonated to music in some way or the other. The roots of music in our society or life can never be debased . The bunch of people who have been taking the legacy of music of NITJ since long , have been named Octaves an year ago. They have been phenomenally performing and enthralling the audiences, on the stages of NITJ in the mega events conducted all over the year, be it Bharat Dhwani ,Utkansh, Techniti and so on . Being in the initial years of being united as a proper team , a family , the folks have been working really hard to present some beautiful content to the music aficionados of NITJ . They have successfully conducted competitions and events like Melodrama (an online music competition) , Swaraag , Battle of Bands and so on. The workshops on Indian classical have been highly applauded by the masses. In the coming years , they aspire to achieve even higher laurels.